Spark Kids’ CBC Educational Laptop

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KSh 12,000.00


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The Spark Laptop was built with just the right balance of affordability and quality. Spark is just right for kids to do their homework, play games, and explore their imagination with basic applications.

Easy to Learn & Create

The Spark Laptop runs a special version of the Endless Operating System that was designed to be the most intuitive, user-friendly PC experience. Spark comes with tutorials and tools to make it easy for kids to get started


LibreOffice is a free & powerful office suite with a modern, full-featured word processor, a spreadsheet program with intuitive features and a versatile presentation tool. All compatible with Microsoft Office ®


Free apps for photo & video editing, drawing, music composition, designing and other tools for sparking imagination and creation, all pre-installed on the Spark laptop


Spark is a practical tool for every aspect of your child’s life now and in the future. Spark comes with a web browser, photo and video apps, a music player and a file system manager


The Spark Laptop was designed to survive being dropped on hard surfaces such as cement, from up to 50 cm.

Local Education Content

The Kytabu app on Spark contains the textbooks and supplementary educational materials approved by the Kenyan Institute of Curriculum Development (K.I.C.D). Includes materials for Class 1 through Form 4 totally offline, and will soon feature the NEW competency-based curriculum from K.I.C.D for Grades 1-3!

Akili and Me (ages 3-6) is a popular TV Show across Africa that follows a curious 4-year-old who, along with her animal friends learns all about language, letters, numbers, art and other life lessons for children. Akili and Me episodes are available pre-installed on Spark.

bongo Kids (ages 7-14) is a popular kids’ educational cartoon that follows the problem-solving adventures of the Ubongo Kids: five friends who love learning science, technology, engineering, math (STEM), and life skills. Ubongo Kids episodes are coming soon on Spark

  • > Perfect for OFFLINE eLearning – And Online Too!
  • > Internet safety is a real concern for parents. Spark comes pre-installed with over 100 free apps for kids, all OFFLINE!
  • > While ONLINE, Safety and peace of mind is out of the box! Safe Web Browsing | Easy to Use | Virus Resistant
  • > The laptop built entirely for kids >> Kenyan Institute of Curriculum Development School digital content, Akili & ME, Ubongo Kids, Coding Apps & MORE!

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